Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dear Friends,

I wanted to start from the beginning of our journey.

In March of 2010, I was looking for Sheri Gray after church one Wednesday night. Why? Well I needed to ask her something about Erin. Why that night? Sheri tells she was sitting in church the same night and I came into her thoughts ask Kim to go to Ukraine. Sheri and I were friends through our children but not close friends. Now, I consider her one of my dearest friends. Funny how God does that. Anyway, I was teaching the babies so I waited outside the Big room for her. She came out and I asked her whatever it was I was going to ask her and then she looked at me and said,"Do you want to go to Ukraine and work a children's camp with me?" I looked at her and said, "Sure send me the details." It started as simple as that. Our journey begins.

We left for Ukraine in June for 3 weeks. I had never been out of the USA and I was excited about the trip. It takes a while to travel to Ukraine. Sheri took Debra Sue and I under her wings and away we went. We meet up with Rosanne in Dallas to continue our journey.

We arrive at Jeremiah's Hope Camp to find 4 oorphans living there for the summer. Nastya moved into our room 1st thing to stay until the camp got started. God hand continues his work. 

It was an amazing 3 weeks. I went there thinking how I was going to help all these people and I returned to the USA blessed more than you can imagine. I was the recreation director along with Sasha. I played, cooked, did nails, learned how to speak a few words of Ukrainian,  Da (yes) Nit (no),  went on Momma squad walks each night with the children and dog, fought mosquitoes bigger than hummingbirds, swam, made new friendships with world racers and BOYS and from Holland and wonderful girls too, bonded with my Nastya and so much more.

I could go on and on about my adventure. I know 3 weeks is a long time away from your family.
I missed my girls, Chris, family and friends so bad but yet God was using this time for me to build a new love and bond with another girl.

I told everyone if Nastya would fit in my suitcase I would take her home. I said she looks like she belongs in our family. She could be a Snodgrass.

I took two major life lessons home from my trip, 1st God blessed my life with incredible Christian people who showed me how real Christians act...they give even when they have so little and treat you as if you are someone really special. I have never been treated with so much love by people who just met me.  2nd I realized you don't have to speak a foreign language if you know God's language LOVE. That's how we communicated with all the children. My third thing:  love for an orphan girl.

At the end of 3 weeks, I loaded into the van tears streaming down my face with Nastya asking why I had to go. Me wishing there was a way to take her with me. I returned home but left part of my heart with a 13 year old girl in Ukraine.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The First Trip to Ukraine

Hello Friends!
I have decided to start a blog so all of you can follow our adoption journey!
This is our soon to be daughter, Nastya in 2010!